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How to repair Granite Seam after countertop was moved

ANSWER - It appears the tile installers subjected the counter top to excessive movement during their tile installation.  The seam of the granite is a weak point so the force it was subjected to was…

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How do I repair my cracked tile?

ANSWER - First of all the question should be why did the tile crack. Tile shouldn’t crack unless it wasn’t installed correctly, or it was installed over an unstable substrate, or it was abused in…

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Grout Repairs sealers

How do I change the Epoxy Grout color?

ANSWER - The question is why the epoxy grout turned white?  Sometimes if there is excessive moisture it can cause discoloration.  If the epoxy is performing well other than it is the wrong color, then…

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Grout Repairs Waterproofing

Deteriorating Grout in Colorado Mountains

ANSWER - To replace the grout in a freeze thaw climatic area you should first cut out and remove the existing grout.  Make sure you first use a wet/dry vacuum to remove all the dust and…

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Maintenance Repairs stone

What can we use to repair, fill divots in Travertine Tiles?

ANSWER - Most travertine stones have natural voids and it is sold either filled or unfilled. Sometimes the fill from the factory isn't well done or if the floor is subjected to a lot of…

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How Can I Fix Epoxy Grout in Shower Stall?

ANSWER - Sorry to hear about your epoxy grout problem.  It should have been finished by the installer in a manner so it was smooth and would not tend to pick up dirt and would…

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Grout installation Repairs

Add more Grout over Shallow Grout Joints?

ANSWER - Generally speaking you would need to first cut out the grout joints with a diamond blade saw and then re-grout the joints after they joints are fully open and clean. If you don't…

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Thoughts about using acrylic paint over unsanded grout?

ANSWER - I don't know of any acrylic black paint that would be recommended and would have any assurance to lasting. Normally what is used is a grout colorant that is epoxy based and matches…

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