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How long will it take for Limestone to Dry from being wet, and will the dark spots go away?

ANSWER - There are 3 subcategories of limestone per ASTM C568.   Their physical properties vary from being vary porous to very low absorbing. How fast the limestone will dry depends on how absorbing it is,…

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What caused my limestone tile to develop a yellow/brown stain along its edge?

ANSWER -  Normally if you have a  yellow/brown rust-like color stain it is due to a combination of the stone being subjected to excessive moisture and due to the presence of metal, or that the…

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How do I remove the stains in my Granite Floor Tiles?

ANSWER - The dark color spots could possibly be due to underlying moisture below the granite tiles or they could be stains in the granite tiles. Granite is suppose to be technically impervious meaning low…

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Why is my Bluestone Patio Tiles coming Loose and Have Efflorescence?

ANSWER - If the flagstone shaped Bluestone is loose and has excessive efflorescence staining then it wasn't installed correctly.   If the patio had been designed correctly and the stone installed properly it should perform well…

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What is the cause of my grout staining, and how can I remove the stain?

ANSWER - You didn't mention what kind of tile you had.  Natural stone of various types are known to contain ferrous oxide that can lead to staining in the tile or the adjacent grout. Since…

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How to remove Bleach Stain on my High Gloss Black Tile?

ANSWER - Bleach is high in alkalinity with a pH value of about 12.  Strippers used to remove paint and sealers, so it can be very harsh. High gloss black glazed ceramic tiles is known…

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How to Remove and Prevent Efflorescence from Coming Back?

ANSWER - Severe efflorescence is a symptom of an excessive moisture problem.  Removing the efflorescence stain is treating the symptom rather than the problem. Efflorescence is a mineral stain.  Minerals are forms of salts that…

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How can I clean the Grey Limestone Pebbles to remove the Brown Stain from Grouting?

ANSWER - There are different types of limestone.  The low density limestones are porous and more susceptible to staining.  Medium density limestones are less porous, and high density limestones are even less porous.   All of…

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What can I do about my Porcelain Tile Staining?

ANSWER -  The Daltile Avondale West Tower product looks to be an unglazed/through-body porcelain tile.  It comes in polished and unpolished.  I am assuming you have the unpolished material.  Porcelain tile is very durable.  Unglazed…

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Who caused the stains on my Porcelain Tile, The Installer or the Tile Manufacturer?

ANSWER - I am guessing that you had a through-body/unglazed porcelain tile since you said it was a matte finished porcelain tile and you said that the installers were able to grind the surface to…

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