Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cleaning Stains

How do I get rid of marks on glossy Saltillo Tiles?

ANSWER - Chances are the spider web black stains are due to the shiny surface sealer having micro cracks and dirt has collected within it.  It is possible that the sealer can get warm and flow,…

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How to Clean Soap Scum Staining on Limestone and Slate?

ANSWER - The more texture you have on a stone finish the more difficult it will be to clean and the more often you need to clean it.  Sealers help because they act as bond-breakers and…

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Best way to clean slate that has pencil marks on it?

ANSWER - Pencil marks can be difficult to get off some stone surfaces. One thing to try that has worked quite well is to get a clean pencil eraser and try erasing it off. Other…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cleaning failures Stains

How to clean Stains from porcelain tile from China and seal them?

ANSWER - To remove stains in tile depends on the type of tile and the type of material that caused the stain. You said that it was a porcelain tile, but porcelain tile should technically…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cleaning sealers Stains

How Do I Clean Old Terra Cotta Tiles?

ANSWER - Your Terra Cotta tiles can be improved with a thorough cleaning and sealing.  It won’t repair the pitting, but pitting just adds to the antique look.  Some stains can be removed and some…

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Ring shaped spots of moisture in Basalt

ANSWER - I'm not sure what type of product Mapei Isolatic is. Since it is being added to Kerabond it must be a latex additive. The ring shape spots of moisture suggest to me that…

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