How to clean Stains from porcelain tile from China and seal them?


How to remove Stains - we have laid about 7500 sq ft of porcelain tile from china. the tiles are porous and are badly stained. how do we clean them and seal them? they must look as per their original finish without a polyurethane look. please help!!!!


ANSWER - To remove stains in tile depends on the type of tile and the type of material that caused the stain.

You said that it was a porcelain tile, but porcelain tile should technically be impervious at 0.5% absorption.  Although, porcelain tile can have microscopic voids that certain materials can get trapped into the pores of the tile and become difficult to remove.  There are special poultices that can be used to remove certain stains.

Best bet is to contact a company that manufacturer's cleaners and sealers to get their recommendations of products.  You will have to do some trial-by-error testing to determine what will work.

Go to our website at to Expert Answers to find Resources and click on Cleaners and Sealers for a list of manufacturers with links to their website.

Good Luck!

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