How do I clean rough Granite floor?


Cleaning Granite Tiles - I have a rough Granite floor that needs to be cleaned. This is a commercial store and they have glue and mortar on the floor they said they tried acid and that didn't work. Any suggestions?
I would appreciate any help.


ANSWER - I assume you have flamed granite, which is more difficult to clean due to its texture. Acid can only be used for removing cement based products and done very carefully or you can have problems. Don’t use acid on a surface until you have determined if it will not damage the material. Muriatic is the most dangerous. Diluted phosphoric or Sulphamic acid is safer. Always wet the surface of the area being cleaned first and then thoroughly rinse after cleaning.

If the cement product has latex mixed with it then you need to use a special cleaner like the product sold by Bostik called Hydroment Remove.

First step is to determine what the residue is made of and then find the solvent or cleaner for removing it. Next make sure that the cleaner won't harm the surface of the tile being cleaned. Always test the product out first.

Good Luck!

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  1. Donato Pompo says:

    28 girt in the diamond and carbide world is very aggressive and will damage the polish finish of a granite.

    You don’t want to use any type of brush or object that will scratch the surface of the granite if it is a polished surface. You can use the 3M pads that are not too abrasive. If it is a honed or flamed granite surface you can use a more aggressive brush.

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