How to remove Bleach Stain on my High Gloss Black Tile?


Hi, I used a bleach substance on my black high gloss ceramic wall tiles they are now stained have a kind of grey line through them. Is there anything I can do to fix this. The barroom is fairly new and in perfect condition other than the stain . Really hoping something will remedy this . Thanks in advance


ANSWER - Bleach is high in alkalinity with a pH value of about 12.  Strippers used to remove paint and sealers, so it can be very harsh.

High gloss black glazed ceramic tiles is known to be a relatively soft glaze that has propensity to scratch from abrasions and etch from being subjected to various chemicals.

Although I have not heard of bleach causing a glaze tile to stain, it is possible that chemically the soft glazed black tile was altered.  If that is the case then, there isn't anything you can do about it.

2 thoughts on “How to remove Bleach Stain on my High Gloss Black Tile?

  1. Michelle Lynn says:

    I just purchased my home and did not research how to clean mildew from stone shower flooring. I used comet around the edges and now my natural stones have a bleached white haze over them. Is there any product that I can use to correct my mistake and bring the natural color back to my stone?

    • Donato Pompo says:

      You might have bleached the stone or due to the grittiness of the Comet you have have abraded the surface revealing a lighter color.

      The good thing about natural stone is you can refinish it to look like new. You can by honing/polishing kits online for consumers or hire a professional stone restoration company to refinish it. After you refinish it seal the stone maybe with an enhancer if you like that look; as long as it doesn’t make the stone slippery.

      Of course the question is why did you have mildew? Mildew is a symptom of the stone being subjected to excessive moisture. Meaning it isn’t drying out like it should. It could be that the waterproof membrane under the stone isn’t properly sloped to the drain or the drain weep holes are plugged not allowing the water to drain away. Or the shower isn’t getting enough air circulation for it to dry out. You will have to investigate to determine what is the cause and then you can determine how to fix it.

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