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Sealant/caulking for tile near woodstove withstand high temperatures?

ANSWER - AccuColor sanded siliconized acrylic latex caulk does not meet industry standard ASTM C920, per TCNA EJ171 Movement Joints, and should not be used in tile or stone installations. It is commonly used in…

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Should I be concerned about the mildew with Travertine?

ANSWER - You can put some detergent in water and wash the stones with an appropriate bristle brush to remove the mildew. The stones can be installed damp, but not wet. As long as you…

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Exterior installation selection stone

Ok to install stone tile over a crawl space?

ANSWER - Stone that is freeze thaw stable can be used under the freezing conditions you mention. Normally that means the absorption rate of the stone should be 1% or less such as some granites,…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile selection

I'm having difficulty finding long, narrow ceramic tiles

ANSWER - There are rectangular ceramic, glass and stone tiles that are available.  Check with Walker Zanger.  Ann Sacks has glass tiles in various lengths and widths.  Or you can cut the tiles out of…

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selection Slip Resistance Wet Areas

What bathroom wall tile should NOT be placed on the floor?

ANSWER - There are ceramic tiles designated only for wall applications and they should not be used on a floor due to its limited durability. All floor tiles can be used on walls. Whether the…

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installation selection Standards

Difference between latex modified thin-set and polymer modified thin-set?

ANSWER - There are modified thin-set adhesives that meet ANSI A118.4 or ANSI A118.15.  They can either me latex modified thin-set where you add the appropriate liquid latex rather than water or there are polymer modified…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile selection

Will Ceramic Tile hold up under heat behind a stove?

ANSWER - Ceramic tile behind a woodstove works very well as long as it's installed correctly over the right type of substrate. In the production process, ceramic tile is baked in huge ovens at 1200…

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selection Slab stone

Looking for an Onyx slab

ANSWER - Color and look is very subjective. Then you need to consider performance based on physical properties. Unlike other materials that you specify for a project, stone is natural so you have to select…

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Exterior Grout selection Standards stone

What type of grout for the flagstone on my driveway?

ANSWER - For grout in flagstone with varying thick and width joints you need to have a grout with a greater ratio of sand to cement. If you want a specific color and more consistency…

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Exterior selection stone

Is Slate Suitable for a Driveway?

ANSWER - Most slates are considered hard and dense, but it varies depending on the type and source. Slate is a layered material so it can flake but is normally sturdy. A good quality slate…

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