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How do I get my dull granite tiles to shine?

ANSWER - Normally a true polished granite is very resistant to abrasion.  So even if you used sanded grout, I don’t think it is likely that you scratch or abraded the granite surface.    There is…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Grout Movement Joints sealers

How do I install grout on tile murals so it isn't so hard to clean?

ANSWER - The recommendations of most grout manufacturers is that use non-sanded grouts for grout joints less than 1/8’ wide, but can use it up to 1/8” wide.  Grout joints 1/8” up to ½” wide grout…

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Grout sealers

How can I change the color of my grout?

ANSWER - The color of the grout can greatly affect the appearance of the tile installation.   Using one color versus another can change the apparent color of the tile. There are grout colorants available that…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile installation sealers

How can I make my kitchen counter top flat?

ANSWER - 1x1 inch tiles might look great, but it doesn't make a great surface to prepare food on. The ideal solution, if practidal, is to install a granite slab countertop or soap stone countertop, which…

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Exterior Moisture Problems sealers stone

What can I use to harden and seal my sandstone exterior patio?

ANSWER - I assume you have a class 1 sandstone which is the most absorbing and has the lower physical properties within the quartz geological classification. This stone is suitable for many applications, including back yard…

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Grout sealers selection stone

How can I change the color of my grout in my Travertine Tiles?

Answer - There isn't any easy solution to your need. You have already sealed the travertine so it now doesn't have much absorption to take a stain. If you happen to find a sealer with a…

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cleaning sealers stone

How can I change the Color Appearance of my Slate?

ANSWER - The final color of the slate can be affected by many things.  The kind of lighting will make a difference in terms of whether it is cool, warm or natural lighting.  The color of…

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How do I prevent efflorescence in a tile installation?

ANSWER - If you use a latex in a dry set thin-set mortar rather than adding water to a modified thin-set mortar you will reduce the mineral content in the thin-set, but probably not significantly.  You…

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How to remove Sealer drip lines?

ANSWER - It isn't clear what may have caused these streaks, or what your overall conditions are, so there are some different possibilities. I assume you have a glazed ceramic tile in the shower.  Normally applying…

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