sealers stone

Can I use an Epoxy Sealer on Stone?

ANSWER - It is not recommended to put an epoxy coating over the surface of any stone. First because it traps in moisture and stone needs to breath to avoid deterioration. An epoxy coating will…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cleaning Maintenance sealers

How do you keep unglazed mosaics clean?

ANSWER - The key to maintaining unglazed mosaics is to properly seal it, and properly maintain it. There are penetrating types of sealers such as Miracle 511 Impregnator that works well over unglazed mosaics.  The sealer…

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Grout sealers Standards

Are there Standards for Sealing Grout?

ANSWER - There are no standards that say that the tile or grout should be sealed. Although some manufacturers or suppliers of products recommend sealing depending on the type of tile or the nature of…

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Brick sealers Slip Resistance stone

My Slate and Brick are too Slippery after Applying a Sealer

ANSWER - Most penetrating sealers today claim to make the stone or tile surface more slip resistant.  Years ago a lot of silicone based sealers were used that make the tile surface very slippery.  Slip resistance…

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cleaning Maintenance sealers

How can I get my flat grey tiles a shine?

ANSWER - There is a type of sealer called an enhancer that will darken stone tiles and unglazed ceramic tiles to some degree and seal it as the same time. So depending on what type…

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cleaning Grout sealers

How can I paint over a stain on grout?

ANSWER - Normally stains in grout can be cleaned depending on what caused the stain. There are grout cleaners and there are poultices for removing deeper stains. If you can't remove the stain then there…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cleaning sealers

How do I make my porcelain tile shiny?

ANSWER - If the porcelain tile is unglazed (through body meaning same material from top to bottom), it can actually be polished like a stone.  You could have a stone restoration company polish it.  It is…

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sealers Slip Resistance stone

Are there sealer enhancers for Travertine that won't make the stone more slippery?

ANSWER - There are products for sealing and enhancing stone that are penetrating sealers and provides a somewhat matt finish. If you go to our website at and from the left menu select Resources…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile sealers

Can ceramic tile be painted?

ANSWER - Tile isn't really meant to be painted. You can try to paint it with an epoxy based paint that will provide a better bond, that will probably last longer. The problem with painting…

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cleaning sealers

How do you remove a sealer from a tile?

ANSWER - The best way to determine how to remove a sealer is to contact the manufacturer.  Miracle Sealants is listed on our website at in Resources under Expert Answers, in Cleaners and Sealers…

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