How do I make my porcelain tile shiny?


How do I make my porcelain tile shiny? - I would like to know if there is a finish that can be applied to porcelain tile to give it a sheen. I would like it to shine more, I made the mistake of buying a product that has a matte finish on it. It's about 200 feet in a kitchen. I appreciate your help and guidance.


ANSWER - If the porcelain tile is unglazed (through body meaning same material from top to bottom), it can actually be polished like a stone.  You could have a stone restoration company polish it.  It is problematic to polish the tiles at perimeters adjacent to walls but they can use hand tools for that.

If the porcelain tile is a glazed tile (glass-like substance fired on the surface of the tile) it can't be polished.

There are sealers that are called enhancers, which give the tile a wet look, and not necessarily a sheen.  I'm not sure if enhancers are recommended for glazed or unglazed porcelains because they are so dense.  For a list of sealer manufacturers with links to their websites, visit our website at and select Resources under Expert Answers where you'll see Cleaners and Sealers.

You can use the traditional waxes on the tile floor, but the maintenance is relatively high, which I think would be better than trying to apply a sealer surface coating to give it a shine. Hope that helps.

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