How can I make my kitchen counter top flat?


How can I make my kitchen counter top flat? I have recently purchased a home with an island kitchen and across on wall counter. These counters have a tile 1x1's for the counter tops. The tiles are lovely, however, is there any durable product which could be use over the tiles to create a flat surface? Heavy polyurethane does not seem like the right thing to do. Can you help!


ANSWER - 1x1 inch tiles might look great, but it doesn't make a great surface to prepare food on.

The ideal solution, if practidal, is to install a granite slab countertop or soap stone countertop, which makes for a great food preparation surface that doesn't stain and is easy to maintain.

In therory they could install it over the top of the 1x1 tile, depending on the configuration of the current tile countertop edge.  Worst case is just tear out the 1x1 and its setting bed.

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