How can I change the color of my grout?


How can I change the color of my grout? I have a decorative accent tile in the backsplash. It had black highlights in it to accentuate the black in the granite countertop. When it was installed the contractor used a beige grout, and the black highlight is barely visible. Is there anything I can use to bring back or recreate some of the dark highlights?


ANSWER - The color of the grout can greatly affect the appearance of the tile installation.   Using one color versus another can change the apparent color of the tile.

There are grout colorants available that are an epoxy based material that will allow you to change the color of your grout to almost any color you want.   It is a tedious process and you have to properly prepare the grout and carefully apply.   There are a number of manufacturers of these types of products.  You can go to our website at to see a list of companies who might offer the grout colorant.  The home centers normally handle them too.

Be sure to test out whatever you decide to use to make sure it will provide an acceptable outcome.

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