What sealer should on use on my new Travertine Deck?


Have new Travertine deck installed. Deck is a light color. Thinking of sealer enhancer. Could you give me some Mfg.s that have such sealers that don't make the surface more slippery. Also best way to put sealer down, sprayer, roller ( am concerned roller may lift sand in joints ). Thank You for your help


Answer:  There are sealers that will darken natural stone and give it a wet look that won't make them more slippery.  They are called penetrating enhancer sealers.  They make the stone water resistant.  There are surface sealers, which I wouldn't recommend as they are more prone to pealing over time and can make the surface more slippery.  I would use the penetrating type of enhancer sealers.  They will wear over time so you might have to reapply every year or so depending on the conditions that the stone is subjected to.

Some of the penetrating sealers state that they will improve slip resistance, but not significantly.  Follow the sealer manufacturer’s directions for application. I would use a lint free cloth to apply; like a diaper material and then buff dry with a dry lint free cloth right after applying.

You can go on our website to the Cleaners and Sealers resource section to see some of the companies who produce sealers for stone.  Click here: Cleaners and Sealers

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