Should Adhesive Spots show through Marble Tiles?


The marble tiles in my bathroom are showing marks from where the adhesive what dot fixed. My tiler claims he has buttered the tiles with adhesive as well as dot fixed the adhesive.

My questions are: 1. Is it possible to do both dot and butter fix at the same time? 2. Can the glue marks ever be removed ?


ANSWER -  We have seen where the installer will cover the entire tile with thin-set adhesive (back buttering) and then use globs or spots of the adhesive to attach the tile.  This is not an acceptable industry method.  Covering the entire tile does not good if the entire tile isn't bonded to the substrate.  Tile installations in wet areas are suppose to have 95% contact and interior dry areas it has to have at least 80% contact with full support along the tile edges and corners.

If the marble is translucent or if the adhesive is staining the marble so you can see the spots of adhesive, there is no way to fix that other than removing the entire installation.

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