Mexican satillo tile floor is sticky after we used sealer/gloss


Sealer Feels Sticky and won't Dry - We currently have mexican satillo tile down. We installed a sealer/gloss down last night and didn't wipe up the excess sealer as it stated to do on the instructions. Now 8 hours later, the entire floor is sticky. How can we fix this? Do we get a stripper for this or buff out this left over sealer?? We misunderstood the instructions and thought that they meant to wipe up "pooled" sealer that may appear on the tile, not all sealer.


ANSWER - First you should contact the manufacturer of the sealer and ask them how to best deal with the problem.

Generally speaking I have found the following method could resolve your problem: Use more of the same sealer over the sticky sealer application by letting it sit for 5 minutes, then rub it in with a lint free cloth, and then buff it dry with a clean and dry lint free cloth.

If that doesn't work call the sealer manufacturer for their recommendations.  We have most major sealer manufacturers listed on our website at under Expert Answers in Resources. Click on Cleaners and Sealers for a list of manufacturers with links to their website and get their contact info if it isn't on the sealer container.

Good Luck!

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