Do Hollow Sounding Tiles Lead to Cracking?


Do Hollow Sounding Tiles Lead to Cracking? - I found your article regarding hollow tiles very informative. I live in southeast Florida in a house built in 2004 by Levitt. We are hearing numerous hollow tiles around the interior perimeter of the house. I believe they are ceramic tiles. My question is: do hollow tiles lead to cracking tiles?What happens if I do nothing & just leave them alone? I would appreciate your opinion. Thank you.


ANSWER - As the "Hollow Sounding Tiles May Signal Installation Problems" article stated, tiles can sound hollow for different reasons.  In some cases hollow sounding tiles are not likely to result in any problems.  In other cases it might mean that there is a void or the tile is debonded under the tile in those spots.  Tiles with voids under them are more problematic in commercial applications where the tile could be subjected to heavy traffic and heavy point loads, which could result in the tile crushing or cracking in those spots.

A hollow sounding tile could be a symptom of a problem that will get worst over time, such as a floor application where there are no movement joints and the tile is subjected to excessive moisture or temperature swings.   I would suggest that you monitor your floor and if more tiles become hollow and/or if the grout starts cracking that you then should investigate it further.

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