Can my 6x24 inch tiles be installed with Acrylpro Adhesive?


Hello. I purchased 6 x 24 tiles from realstone systems.

During installation by my GC the tile guy used acrylpro mastic cement. I had significant issues with lippage and they state they place the tile on evenly it moves after. This may be due to the adhesive and technique. They did not place adhesive on the wall only on spots on the tile with a 24 hr dry time.

To correct the lippage my GC buffed the tile and made it appear flat.

My question is over time will My tiles discolor and will they actually fall off because the tiles are too large for mastic? I have yet to pay the GC his balance, should I ask for a redo?


ANSWER - The 6x24 inch Realstone product appears to be a natural limestone.  The Acrylpro Adhesive is a type of mastic. The Acrylpro datasheet says it is recommended to install up to 8x8 inch tiles. It says don't install tiles bigger than 15 inches on any side. Realstone only shows their products being installed with cementitious mortars.  Based on that information they should not have installed your tile with this Acrylpro Adhesive.

Using a mastic is probably why they had the lippage problem.  Grinding a natural stone floor flat is ok if they did it properly.

They should not have spot bonded the tiles on the walls, as that is against industry standards. It limits the strength of the bond.

In theory, if the tile was ground and refinished correctly and sealed it should perform ok.   I'm not sure why the stones would discolor.

We have no way of knowing how well the tiles are attached without testing them.  The Acrylpro data sheet says it is a high strength adhesive.  We would have to perform a forensic inspection to determine whether there is any evidence of the tile not being adequately attached.



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    • Donato Pompo says:

      It depends on what your tile is made of and what are the tile physical properties of the tile. It also depends on whether the AcrylPro manufacturer’s data sheet says whether the adhesive is suitable for the type of tile being installed and the substrate to which it is to bond to.

      In addition, the tile manufacturer’s data sheet and the Acrylpro data sheet must indicate whether those respective materials and products can be used in the intended type of application relative to what it will be subjected to. Relative to whether it is an interior or exterior application or whether it is a dry or wet application or depending on what kind of traffic and other conditions the installed tile will be subjected to.

      Bottom line, Read the Manufacturer’s data sheets and follow their directions.

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