Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers failures Movement Joints Tenting

Can porcelain tiles warp after they are installed?

ANSWER -  All tiles have some inherent warpage from the manufacturing process and the ANSI A137.1 is the standard that states what is allowable. Some natural stones and some quartz stones, and some concrete tiles…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Debonding Tile Expert Answers failures Glass Tile stone Tenting

What is the difference between Tile Debonding and Delaminated Tile and Tented Tile?

ANSWER - Whether it is stone tile or ceramic tile or porcelain tile or glass tile, if the tile becomes loose or unbonded, then we refer to that either as a tile that debonded or…

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Debonding Tile failures Movement Joints stone Tenting

What has caused my marble tiles to Tent up from the floor?

ANSWER - When there is a problem it is generally not due to one deficiency, but rather due to multiple deficiencies. Buckling marble tile or tenting marble tile is typically due to the marble is expanding…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Exterior failures Standards Tenting

What is causing my tiles to bulge up?

ANSWER - I believe what you are describing is a condition called Tile Tenting. Ceramic tiles, particularly those that are more absorptive, will expand when subjected to heat or moisture.  If the tile installation doesn't…

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failures Tenting

What Can I Do About Buckling/Tenting Tiles?

 ANSWER - Chances are the tiles were not installed correctly originally and there are probably a number of compounding deficiencies in how they were installed.   When the floor was cleaned it probably subjected the…

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failures Tenting

Why did my Tile tent after 16 years?

ANSWER - Tile tents for a number of compounding deficiencies.   First the tile isn't bonded as well as it should be for various potential reasons.  There probably are no movement joints at the perimeter…

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failures stone Tenting

Why is the Marble Floor in my shower buckling up?

ANSWER - Not all stone have the same physical properties, and they will behave differently under various conditions relative to their physical properties.  Even a stone with the same geological classification (such as travertine or…

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failures Movement Joints Tenting

What caused my Tile to Buckle?

ANSWER - All materials absorb moisture to some degree.  Ceramic tiles with a porcelain body only absorb 0.5% or less.  A glazed surface tile normally doesn't absorb any moisture in its surface.  Depending on the type…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Exterior failures Tenting

Ceramic Tile Buckling/Tenting Failure

ANSWER - Buckling or Tenting of tile is a problem that is caused by compounding deficiencies. When there is a failure it is never only due to one factor, but rather it is generally due to…

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failures Hollow Sounding Tiles Tenting

Tile Tenting and Hollow Sounding Tile

ANSWER - We do have inspectors in Florida.  We can perform an inspection and investigation to determine what caused the failure, to determine if the installation and tile meets industry standards and the standard of care…

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