Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cracks Repairs

How do I seal a crack in my Ceramic Tile?

ANSWER - The ceramic tile should not crack if it is stepped on or something is dropped on it.  It could chip. That fact that it cracked suggests that it wasn't properly installed and there are…

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cracks failures Repairs Terrazzo

How to fix or replace crack in terrazzo shower curb?

ANSWER - I am assuming when you say lip, you mean the curb of the shower receptor.  The first question is to try to understand why the terrazzo cracked. Simply repairing it is a band aid…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cracks Repairs Wet Areas

How do I paint over Cracks in my Ceramic Tile in my Shower?

ANSWER - First of all, if you have cracked tiles that suggests that there is an underlying problem.  Cracks in the shower can lead to leaks in areas that could cause other water damages within or…

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cracks failures

Why is the Countertop Edge Trim Cracked?

ANSWER - There are several possible reasons why the ceramic tile edge, which I assume is what is referred to as a v-cap, cracked along several tiles. Historically the v-caps have tended to crack for a…

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cracks Repairs

How do I repair Cracks in Tile?

ANSWER - If there are cracks in the concrete substrate to which your tile is attached and after replacing the tile they cracked again, and you have other tiles cracking throughout the house then either the…

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cracks failures Grout

What Causes Grout to Crack?

ANSWER - If the brick is consistent in sizing the grout joints should be very consistent too in width.  Even if the brick wasn't very consistent in sizing, going from 1/2" to 1-1/2" wide grout joints…

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cracks Grout Repairs

How Can I Fix Cracked Grout Joints?

ANSWER - It is hard to make any definitive conclusions without inspecting your floor thoroughly.  When there is a problem it is normally not for one single thing that has gone wrong, but for compounding reasons. …

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cracks Debonding Tile failures Moisture Problems

Could salty water from flood cause tile to crack or debond?

ANSWER - Ceramic tile (which includes porcelain tile) if installed correctly should not debond or crack.  Ceramic tile properly installed over a normal concrete slab that is subjected to a salt water flood should not cause…

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cracks failures stone

Wavy DENT crossing right through the travertine tiles!

ANSWER - What you have described sounds like a condition we see in some stone floors called “indent fracture.”   Many times you can’t see it unless light shines on it from a certain angle and…

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cracks failures Floor Warming Repairs

Crack in Tile over Radiant Heating - HELP!

ANSWER - If there is a crack in the ceramic tile floor you need to determine what caused it to determine how to fix it. It could be the tile had voids or was not…

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