How do I seal a crack in my Ceramic Tile?


How do I seal a crack in my Ceramic Tile? - I have a hairline tile fracture in the coner on the floor of my shower from a repairman stepping on it or dropping something on it. How do I seal this?


ANSWER - The ceramic tile should not crack if it is stepped on or something is dropped on it.  It could chip.

That fact that it cracked suggests that it wasn't properly installed and there are probably voids in the adhesive under the tile where it cracked.

To seal the hairline fracture, I would use a clear silicone sealant or clear epoxy.  It may not last long and you will have to redo it.  But if you don't have extra tile to replace it, then sealing it is about all you can do.  As long as the shower pan was constructed properly having the hairline crack shouldn't do much harm.  It will collect dirt and might lead to microbial growth at that spot.  Plus if there are voids under the tile it might crack more than it currently as it is subjected to more use.  Good Luck.


2 thoughts on “How do I seal a crack in my Ceramic Tile?

  1. Sharla M Kilpatrick says:

    My bathroom has solid brick walls. I am told waterproofing behind tiles was not done when it was built. The vertical joints that should be silicone have grout. I will remove and replace it. I wonder if i can postpone a complete bathroom renovation by installing waterproof panels over the tiles. There are only mild signs of water damage I would not have noticed if a pest inspector had not detected moisture in the base of the walls around the bath – very close to floor level – including from the opposite sides of the walls in the hallway and a bedroom.

    • Donato Pompo says:

      If in fact you have brick walls that are structurally sound, then if you have the space, you could scarify and deep clean the brick, and then apply a polymer modified mortar over it to fill the grout joints and create a plumb surface in square with the adjacent walls.

      You could then waterproof the walls and floors and the adhere your new tile to the waterproof membrane.

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