What could cause grout chipping and powdering?


Grout Chipping and Powdering - I have a floor that the grout is chalking and chipping, It has been sealed. this is occuring even in nontraffic areas. What could be some of the causes?


ANSWER - Normally when there is a problem it is the result of compounding factors that each contribute to the problem to some degree.

The grout was likely over watered when mixed and during the clean-up that can result in diminishing the cement content causing the grout to be weaker and possibly powder (turn to a grout dust).

There is a possible compounding issue that the floor has too much deflection and movement within it. The movement maybe excessive due to the floor not being constructed to be as structurally sound as it should be, which could be caused by a number to different issues.

If the floor doesn't have expansion joints every 20 to 25 feet in each direction and along the perimeter of the floor at restraining surfaces this could further contribute to the problem.

The grout maybe the primary problem and the movement secondary, and maybe regrouting might solve the problem. Or it maybe the other way around and regrouting won't help because the floor has too much movement.

The only way to determine the cause of the problem is to perform a forensic investigation, but considering the cost, it may not be practical depending on the size and value of your installation. For more information, go to our forensic investigation services.

Good Luck!

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