Any Lippage Standard on Ceramic Tile Floor in California?


Excessive Tile Lippage at tile edge - I’m not sure if you can answer a question for me that I have had a hard time finding the answer to. Is there a lippage requirement on ceramic tile floor in California? I think I have 16 or 18 inch floor tiles that the installation is very uneven.


ANSWER - There are industry standards (ANSI A108.02-4.3.7-2005) that state that for tiles that are consistently sized the grout joints ¼” wide or more can not have any lippage greater than 1/16 inch.  If the grout joint is less than ¼ inch wide, then the grout joint can not have any lippage greater than 1/32 inch.

If you think the job is large enough to warranty the cost of a professional inspection then go to our Forensic Failure inspection section of our website.

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