Limestone starting to break up inline with the grain


Limestone Cracking - i laid 250m2 of turkish limestone into a new development 6 months ago the property is still empty but the stone is starting to break up inline with the grain and it looks like the resin is coming to the surface can you help?


ANSWER - There isn't enough information and details to give you a specific answer to your problem. We would need to inspect the site and perform various intrusive and non-intrusive tests to come to a reasonable conclusion.

I can say that the stone will not crack unless it is subjected to some force or action. Cracks can develop if the substrate below is cracked and it continues up through the stone. It can also crack if there are voids under the stone and as it is traveled over the live loads cause it to crack.

Because you said the cracks seem to follow the veins and that it appears to you that resin is coming to the surface, then I would consider that you may have excessive moisture in the substrate and vapor transmission through the stone is leading to crystallization in those veins. The expansive nature of crystallization may then be causing the cracking in those joints.

CTaSC can perform a Forensic Investigation to determine your problem. Good Luck!

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