How can I clean the cement off of my Porcelain Tile?


We had porcelain tiles installed a couple of years ago. The contractor did not unfortunately clean the tiles of the cement and so many of them look dirty. How can I remove this?


ANSWER - If the dirty condition is actually a cementitious residue then a diluted phosphoric solution of acid should clean it.  If the residue is from a polymer modified adhesive, then you might need a latex remover.  If the tile was sealed with a sealer and not applied correctly that can cause the tile to pick up dirt and in that case you need a sealer stripper.

The best thing to do is experiment with a tile out of the way with some tile cleaning products.  Go to the website of a manufacturer of cleaners and sealers and they will show various cleaners for various conditions.  You might need what they call a deep cleaner.

For links to companies who produce and sell tile cleaners and sealers, such as Miracle Sealants and Aqua Mix, click on the following link:  Cleaners and Sealers.

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