Are there standards for residential shower floors?


Shower Floor Selection - Are there written specifications or standards for residential shower floors? I am only concerned with product recommendations for residential applications.


ANSWER - There is no industry standard that says what type of ceramic tile can be used on a residential shower floor. There are some ADA recommendations and some city codes for public areas that say you should have a slip resistant surface for a shower wet area. There is little agreement on what is suitable, but it is normally accepted to have an average Coefficient of Friction rating of .6 per ASTM C1028 or DCOF minimum of 0.42  per ANSI A137.1 for wet and dry surfaces.

Rules of thumb: The more textured the tile the more slip resistant - the more slip resistant the more dirty the floor gets and the more maintenance required.

The smaller tiles 2" x 2" or smaller have more grout joints and are more slip resistant. A slip resistant tile is not slip proof. Good Luck!

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