Is it essential to have our tile sealed?


Sealing Ceramic Tile - I have ceramic tile in my house. It has been a year since it was installed. I have people tell me that it is not essential to have our tile sealed because it is only my wife and I living in the house. Should we seal the tile or not?


ANSWER - The primary reason to seal ceramic tile is to make it more stain resistant. It also makes it easier to maintain the tile because dirt and etc. doesn't attach as readily and it is easier to clean.

Glazed tile has a glass-like substance on the surface and most of the time is impervious. Normally it doesn't need sealing, but it can benefit from it with the right type of sealer applied correctly.

Unglazed tile can be impervious i.e. porcelain tile or can be very porous. Normally this type of tile is always sealed for the above reasons.

The grout between the tiles is normally cement based and very porous. A lot of people complain about the dirty grout and having to clean it. Sealing the grout (easier to seal both tile and grout at once) with a penetrating type sealer helps keep the grout from staining and makes it easier to maintain.

Although a big part in keeping the grout looking like new is how you clean the floor. Must be scrubbed with brush on extended handle and use wet and dry vacuum to pick up dirty water. Good Luck!

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