Glass Tile installation Lippage Standards

How much lippage is acceptable for glass tiles?

ANSWER - There are no specific standards for lippage for glass tile, although I think it could be reasonable to apply the ANSI A108 standards for ceramic tile to glass tile. The standard says that…

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Glass Tile installation Lippage selection Standards

Is there a warning for installing Large Format Glass Tile?

ANSWER - I assume you are referring to a rectangle tile. These tiles tend to be installed in a off-set pattern so the tiles are stagger from each other. ANSI A108.02-4.3 does state that tiles that…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile installation Lippage Standards

What is allowable lippage between a 13x13 inch tile and mosaic

ANSWER - There isn't a clear standard for what is allowable maximum lippage between a 13 x13 inch tile and mosaics, but I would expect it to be 1/16". For 1x1 inch tiles it is…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile failures Lippage Standards

Any Lippage Standard on Ceramic Tile Floor in California?

ANSWER - There are industry standards (ANSI A108.02-4.3.7-2005) that state that for tiles that are consistently sized the grout joints ¼” wide or more can not have any lippage greater than 1/16 inch.  If the…

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