How Can I Remove Stains in new Glazed Tile Floor?


How Can I Remove Stains in new Glazed Tile Floor? - I just had glazed gres tiles fitted and, barely a few days after the job was completed, some of the tiles developed water-like stains. The stains are very random, both in terms of their size and shape, as well as in their location, i.e. some rooms have quite a few stained tiles, while other rooms have only one or two, if any at all. What can I do to remove the stains?


ANSWER - Glazed tiles normally don't stain as they have a (glass like coating that is fired onto the surface of the clay body tile) surface that is impervious.  Unless when you say glazed you mean it has a sheen or gloss to the surface?    Unglazed tiles that have a sheen are usually sealed to help prevent staining.  Sealing doesn't guarantee against staining, but it helps prevent staining if the floor is cleaned timely and properly.

There are different types of stains.  Some stains are the result of a substance penetrating through the surface of the tile into pores of the tile surface that can't be easily reached to remove.

There are stains that are caused by acidic substances that etches the glazed tile surface leaving an irremovable stain.   Floors with sealer coatings can be refinished easily, but tiles with a glazed tile surface normally can't be fixed without removing the tile.

To determine what is your situation, you need to determine what type of tile you have and whether you have a coating on it.  You need to try various cleaning materials to see if the stain is removable.  There are poultices for deep stains that can be pulled up out of tiles.  Go to our website to the resources and links section and to cleaners and sealers for a list of manufacturer's who sell these cleaning and sealing products at /.docs/pg/324.

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