What to select for a Ceramic Tile for Countertop


Selecting Ceramic Tile for Countertop - We have a tile countertop and want to replace it with another one. It has a slightly slippery feel but no shine to it. This makes it very easy to clean as opposed to others that have no slip. What type of tile should we be looking for? I though it would be glazed but some glazed finishes has no slip.


ANSWER - Glazed ceramic tiles are considered the most suitable for kitchen countertops because the glazed surface is somewhat impervious and more stain resistant. Porcelain tile is a type of a ceramic tile. Most glazed ceramic tiles have porcelain clay bodies today, which is a more durable clay body. Although vitreous clay body tiles are very durable too.

As you have noticed the smoother the surface the easier it is to clean, but the more slippery it is. Since the tile isn't being walked on slip resistance isn't a concern. On the other hand the more texture the tile the more slip resistant and the more effort required to clean it and keep it clean.

Since there are different degrees of smoothness and texture then respectively the maintenance varies to a different degree. So ultimately it is up to you in terms of what aesthetic look you want to achieve and what trade offs you are willing to accept.

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