What do I need to do to prepare for installing Ceramic Tile in a Basement?


Installing Ceramic Tile in a Basement - I want to install either ceramic tile or stone on a new basement floor I am having installed right now. What do I need to do to prepare for that installation?


ANSWER - Hopefully your installers placed a vapor barrier under your basement slab before they poured it, to control the flow of moisture.  Plus, after the installation, you should make sure you have adequate air cirulation and ventilation in the basement to avoid high moisture levels that can lead to mold.

After the slab has cured for at least 28 days (with good ventilation) then you can start your ceramic tile or stone installation.  It is recommended that you install a waterproof membrane over the slab and then install the tile on top of it, if you are not going to install a mortar bed on top of the slab first.  If you are going to install a wire reinforced mortar bed over the slab, a better and more expensive way to go, then a 15 lb roofing felt or 4 mil polyethylene film should be placed on the slab first as a cleavage membrane and for moisture protection.

For the liquid applied waterproof membranes that are specifically made to have tile attached to it go see the Resources column when you click on Expert Answers on my website.  Many of those companies supply all the products you would need to install your tile.

Good Luck!

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