Unhappy with Granite Installation


Unhappy with Granite Installation - I hired local company to reface my kirchen cabinets and install granite in my kitchen, bathrooms, living room. They are one month behind scheduled date for work to be done and whatever they did so far was done very unprofessional. I would like to know how CTaSC can help me to protect my investment and recover my lost?


ANSWER - In terms of the delay in completing the work you will need to determine if there are any penalty clauses in your contract with the granite installer.

As far as the unprofessional work goes you need to verify if it just aesthetics or if it is functionally defective.  Then you need to verify if it meets industry standards and the standard-of-care for professional installers.  If the work is unsatisfactory then you should consider stopping the job, because it is much more expensive to have to replace an installation.  It may be necessary for you to retain an attorney.

We do have inspectors in Florida and we could evaluate your installation to determine if it appears to be within the standards and if there are any problems we can offer recommendations on how to remediate the problems.

As an expert witness and forensic investigator we do charge for our time during the whole process. Depending on the extent of your problem, it may or may not be practical for you to employ our full forensic and quality control services.

The cost for our services will vary more or less depending on how much material we have to review and how long it takes to review it, the inspector’s travel time, travel expenses, how much time is spent on the inspection, how many different issues, areas and locations we have to evaluate and document, how much testing is performed and evaluated, and how much time is spent preparing, researching and writing the report or preparing other correspondence.

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