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Sealant/caulking for tile near woodstove withstand high temperatures?

ANSWER - AccuColor sanded siliconized acrylic latex caulk does not meet industry standard ASTM C920, per TCNA EJ171 Movement Joints, and should not be used in tile or stone installations. It is commonly used in…

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What size backer rod should I for tub and wall tile?

ANSWER - The polyethylene backer rod is not likely the cause of your cracking at the tub to shower wall transition, but if there is room for it in that joint, then you should use…

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Can You Diagnose Why Tub to Wall Sealant Joint is Cracked?

ANSWER - It is not normal for that joint between the tub and the wall to crack and it should not have to be redone on a regular basis.  There could be a few things…

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