Exterior Grout selection Standards stone

What type of grout for the flagstone on my driveway?

ANSWER - For grout in flagstone with varying thick and width joints you need to have a grout with a greater ratio of sand to cement. If you want a specific color and more consistency…

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Grout Interior

Epoxy Grout or sanded or unsanded for ceramic tile and stone tile?

ANSWER - Epoxy grout has significantly greater bond strength and compression strength over cementitious grouts. It is also very stain resistant. Sanded grout is meant for grout joints that are 1/8” wide or more. Non-sanded…

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failures Grout Repairs

Thoughts about using acrylic paint over unsanded grout?

ANSWER - I don't know of any acrylic black paint that would be recommended and would have any assurance to lasting. Normally what is used is a grout colorant that is epoxy based and matches…

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