The Growing Concern About Mold: Legal Complications, Part 2

by Donato Pompo, CTC, CMR, CSI, CDT, MBA

– TileDealer, March/April 2007 

This is the second article in a three-part series dealing with the affects of mold in the ceramic tile and stone industry.  Mold in showers and mold in bathrooms is a symptom of water intrusion that will result in expense water damages in bathrooms.  Water intrusion is the result of a tile bathroom failure that is generally caused by tile shower installation failures and tile bathtub installation failures. Water damage in showers normally leads to microbial growth and damages that includes mold in showers and mold in bathroom floors and walls.  New hotels and new condominiums have had major shower tile failures because the showers are not constructed correctly and the tile is not installed correctly.  Often the architects cut and paste tile specifications and don’t give clear guidelines on how to properly construct showers to make sure there are no water damages and tile failures.  To avoid ceramic tile shower failures, glass tile shower failures, stone shower failures and to avoid mold in showers it is crtictical that there is Quality controls, good installation methods, and that there is a knowledge of the various tile installation standards.  Qualified quality control tile inspectors should monitor high risk tile shower installations where it is critical that the tile is installed correctly.
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