Installing tile over wood subfloor and a dirt foundation


Installing tile over wood subfloor - Hello, We are thinking about installing ceramic tile in our kitchen over a wood subfloor, and a dirt foundation. We are worried about the grout cracking. Is this safe to do? Or do you recommend another type of floor covering? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


ANSWER - Ceramic tile or stone over wood subfloors is a common installation for tile.  It is important that the tile is installed correctly per industry standards and installation product manufacturers.  If your floor joists are spaced every 16" on center it should support the weight of the tile assembly load and there are installation assemblies that will allow up to 24" on center spacing without excessive deflection.  The joists can be braced for additional support if necessary. There are thin tile backer boards of mortar applications that will accommodate most conditions.  Make sure that movement joints are incorporated in the tile work.

You can get a free copy of tile installation guidelines on our website to help you through the process of selecting an installer and making sure the installer performs the installation correctly at Installation Guidelines.  We also provide specification and quality control services for projects who can afford those costs.  Good luck.

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