How can I Fix the Excessive Tile Lippage on my Tile Installation?


My bathroom floor has a high glaze ceramic tile with no bevel edge. It was installed last week where the installation was not the best by the contractor. The tiles are not very level and some edges are higher than others. Is there any way I can add grout to feather and alleviate the imperfect set if the tile to reduce the elevation various from tile to tile?


ANSWER -  If most or all of the grout joints are low, it is possible to fill them, but it may not be practical.  Epoxy grouts can be applied very thin, but the existing grout has to be properly cleaned and prepared.

If you have excessive tile lippage, then normally you have to remove those affected tiles to correct the problem.

You need to determine if the tile lippage is in fact excessive per industry standards or if it is an optical illusion, which can occur due to the type and position of lighting in the room that creates a shadowing affect.   I wrote an article recently on Tile Lippage that you can review on our website under Published Articles.

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