Quality Control in Ceramic Tile and Stone Specifications

by Donato Pompo, CTC, CMR, CSI, CDT, MBA

– The Construction Specifier Volume 55, Number 10 – October 2002 

Reviews the importance of clearly stating quality control guidelines in job specifications.  When there is a problem it doesn’t matter whose fault it is because everyone involved will pay, in one way or another, in dollars, time and reputation.  Ceramic tile, glass tile and stone installers do not go to a trade school to learn how to install tile or stone.  They typically learn on-the-job and this means they are not trained when it comes to industry standards.  This is especially important, however, given the complexity of the work they perform.  Installers need to be properly supervised and managed to ensure a successful installation.  To avoid the huge cost of a tile failure it’s in the owner’s best interest to hire a qualified third party quality control tile and stone expert to monitor the tile installation.  Click here for article