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Fall has arrived, and with it comes all the charms of this enchanting time of year. We’re celebrating the change of the season with fall-inspired ceramic tile! Incorporate these tile styles in your home for looks you will love year-round!

Pumpkin Patches

Bring everyone’s favorite fall activity home with orange tile. The next time you’re wandering up and down the rows at a pumpkin patch, seek inspiration for your fall interior decor.

If bright orange isn’t for you or doesn’t fit in with your existing design scheme, opt for a muted shade of orange instead. The kitchen backsplash above shows off multiple options for a great pumpkin influence.

Falling Leaves

Golds, Maroons, and Browns

The changing colors of the leaves are the most striking part of the transition between summer and fall.—the naturally-adorned trees add festivity to scenery far and near.

Bring the fall palette and energy into your home with leaf-colored tiles. Your options with ceramic tile are as broad as nature provides — gold, maroon, purple, red, orange, and brown.

Can’t choose just one color? Combine them! The hexagon tile floor and wall above feature a subtle falling leaves random pattern and color palette that can complement a wide range of decor schemes.

Purples and Pinks

You’re sure to spot trees with deep purple leaves this season, fading to a lighter pinkish hue.  Inspired by such beauty?

A couple options to consider for your home: a mulberry backsplash tile or a warm pink gauged porcelain tile slab with a plaster-like texture.

Alternatively, showcase all of the changing colors with an ombre tile feature wall that transitions from gold to pink to purple.

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Bare Branches: Wood-Look Tile

Once all the leaves have fallen, we’re left with the crisp branches of bare trees — which brings us to our next fall-inspired tile style: wood looks.

Wood-look ceramic tile comes in many different colors and grains, so you can choose one look for an area (as in in the first image above) or mix it up (as in in the second).

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Timeless Style: “Ever” Green

As some trees transform in the fall, evergreens stay true, remaining a rich backdrop for the changing landscape.

Forest green tile has the same timeless style as evergreen trees. Whether you opt for a standard tile grid or a herringbone pattern, green tile creates a strong, sophisticated look in any space.

And one more thing — did you notice how the green herringbone tile wall creates a tree-like pattern? It’s the perfect color-pattern combination!

Embrace Ceramic Tile’s Bountiful Beauty

We hope our fall-inspired tile styles have you excited for the new season!

Harvest ceramic tile’s design possibilities in your home and find more inspiration on our Pinterest boards:

Our Design Gallery also allows you to search by color so you can find the perfect shades of tile for your leaf-inspired palette.

Happy fall!