What Adhesive should be used to Adhere a Tile to an Epoxy Coating over concrete?


I want to tile over an epoxy paint that is on concrete. what is the right product t0 use as an adhesive ?


ANSWER - To install tile over an epoxy coating on a concrete floor you need to use an ANSI A118.3 epoxy adhesive.  You will need to scarify the epoxy coating first and make sure there are not contaminates that could interfere with the bond.

The tile attachment to the floor will not be any better than the epoxy attachment to the floor.  So if the epoxy every comes lose, so will the tile, so be ware.

6 thoughts on “What Adhesive should be used to Adhere a Tile to an Epoxy Coating over concrete?

    • Donato Pompo says:

      An epoxy adhesive is expensive, so I don’t think it would be practical to skim coat the substrate with it prior to installing the tile. There are epoxy moisture mitigation systems that use primers, resins and may broadcast sand in it to allow tile to bond to it that are designed to mitigate high moisture vapor transmission. They don’t work with a hydrostatic moisture issue where water is literally coming through the floor creating a pressure that could delaminate the coating. Sometimes it uses a system with a self-leveling mortar to go over it. For moderately high moisture conditions you can use a waterproof/crack isolation membrane that helps control the moisture migration.

  1. Markus says:

    I want to repair epoxy grout of a pool. I would prefer to use flex cement grout, as I have never applied epoxy grout before. But I am not sure whether flex cement grout will adhere to the epoxy. Does this work or can I do anything to make it work?

    • Donato Pompo says:

      Epoxy will bond to cement grout, but cement grout will not bond to epoxy.

      The epoxy grouts made these days are a lot more user friendly then past epoxy grouts. There are modified epoxy grouts where you can add the cementitious colored grout to epoxy part A & B components. Of course not sure how well it will match your existing epoxy grout.

      The question you should be considering is why is your epoxy grout failing? It shouldn’t be failing if it and the tile was installed correctly.

    • Donato Pompo says:

      Get a copy of the manufacturer’s data sheet and see what they say. If there isn’t clear information on the data sheet then call the manufacturer. The manufacturer is the one to decide what is the recommended usage, applications, and compatibilities of their product.

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