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Water Damage

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A 30 story hotel had two ceramic tile rainbow murals attached to the exterior veneer of their building. Some tiles have fallen off of the rainbow murals on the two sides of the hotel.

CracksExterior VeneersHollow Sounding TilesRustTenting TilesTile DebondingWater Damage
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Multiple units in a high rise condominium had showers with leaks that caused damage to adjacent areas. The home owners association retained CTaSC to investigate what had caused the leaks, to determine if the showers were installed per industry standards, and to determine how best to remediate the problem.

Bathrooms and ShowersCase StudiesMicrobial Growth (Mold)RustWater Damage
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A 31 story condominium development had installed approximately 11,627 square feet of Jerusalem limestone tile on a suspended exterior deck floor located on the 6th level of the building. The natural stone installation was installed about 3 years earlier as a replacement of the original tile. The stone started showing indications of deterioration and cracking not long after the stone installation was completed.

Case StudiesExterior Decks & BalconiesWater Damage
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