Case Studies in

Tile Debonding

any situation where any type of tile has debonded

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A 30 story hotel had two ceramic tile rainbow murals attached to the exterior veneer of their building. Some tiles have fallen off of the rainbow murals on the two sides of the hotel.

CracksExterior VeneersHollow Sounding TilesRustTenting TilesTile DebondingWater Damage
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A school’s Olympic tiled swimming pool had its floor removed to deepen it. Soon after replacing the concrete floor and installing the tile, the tiles started tenting up throughout the swimming pool.

Case StudiesHollow Sounding TilesPools & SpasTenting TilesTile Debonding
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A 20 x 36 inch glazed porcelain tile was installed over the plaster substrate on the exterior walls of a 4 story condominium project. After about 90 days someone carrying a ladder bumped into the tile on the wall and the tile fell off.

Case StudiesExterior VeneersHollow Sounding TilesTile Debonding
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