“The market started out really strong,” said Paul Murfin, president, Taylor Adhesives. “We’ve all seen the retail marketing booming; we’ve seen the housing market booming as well. What we’re now seeing is the multifamily business is starting to take off, and now we are seeing the commercial market starting to take off. My expectation is the second half of the half of the year will be stronger than the first half.”

Neil Wenger, vice president of field sales, Mullican Flooring, agrees: “Business is excellent. We are selling as much hardwood as we can produce. There are some supply chain issues that are constraining how much we can ship, but our business is up significant double digits and we expect it to continue through this year and into next year.”

Jason Waggoner, vice president of sales, ICC Floors Plus, in Indianapolis, said their business responded by expanding its showroom and chasing more business.

“We are seeing growth in all different avenues as builder, retail—and commercial is a little bit up. We added a cabinet showroom and a countertop showroom. Right now, it’s easy to sell it and hard to get it. If you can stock a lot of the material, you are in good shape It’s coming in but it’s taking a lot longer than normal.”

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