2018 USA Ceramic Tile Consumption Flat

2018 USA Ceramic Tile Consumption Flat by Eric Astrachan, Executive Director of Tile Council of North America (TCNA)

March 04, 2019 reported from Ceramic World Web

“Despite the substantial growth of overall construction spending in the US last year, ceramic tile consumption did not keep pace. This was likely due to the increased market penetration of plastic flooring. We expect that 2019 will bring similar market results as last year: i.e. overall sales will be flat or experience low, single-digit growth. However, ceramic tile, with its great value, low life cycle cost, beauty, versatility, durability, ease of maintenance, and sustainability, remains an excellent choice for consumers, so we fully expect tile’s share of the flooring market to continue to expand in the coming years.  

Though 2018 was disappointing, we are hopeful for higher growth in the near future. With the recent domestic plant openings and expansions, and more expected soon, US tile producers are well-positioned to supply the market with the latest designs in high-quality ceramic tilealthough unfairly labeled and priced product continues to be a problem in the US marketplace.

The 10% duty on Chinese tile exports to the US enacted in September 2018 has not had a noticeable effect. While it is not possible to predict whether the threatened additional 15% duty will come to pass, if it were to do so, that would impact China’s position in the US marketplace, with some importers substituting products from India.”