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Three weeks remain until Coverings, and we hope you’re getting as excited as we are. To share our enthusiasm and continue our National Tile Day celebration, we’re highlighting yet another 2023 tile trend. This week’s trend: statement stones.

What makes a “statement” stone look?

In design, we are seeing a significant effort toward individual expression as people are choosing materials that speak to them personally instead of falling back on safe-for-resale designs. And when porcelain provides a multitude of options, including floor-to-ceiling sizes, why go small?

Floor-to-ceiling stone-look porcelain exudes sophistication and will make a lasting impression. And thanks to its superior durability, it doesn’t require the regular maintenance or upkeep marble, granite, or other natural stones do to stay looking its best. This material selection will also be much nicer on your budget than thick slabs of stone.

Inspired by precious and rare marbles from classic calacattas to linear zebrinos, porcelain stone looks can be understated, elegant and neutral or bold, rich in movement and in attention-commanding colors.

A statement stone look can elevate a run-of-the-mill room into a well-appointed work of art.

White Statement Stones

White marble looks with gray veining may be the most popular stone colorway. It’s such a classic look and highly versatile. Lots of variety exists under this umbrella of stone looks.

White calacatta marble-look tile with gray veining

For example, the porcelain panels behind this bath tub are inspired by calacatta marble with thick, dramatic veining, a sense of movement, and subtle gold undertones.

White zebrino marble-look tile with gray veining

The stone look in this lobby, on the other hand, is inspired by zebrino marble with regular horizontal veins. Installing the slabs so that the veins change directions gives the floor and walls a zigzag design and an even more unique look.

White marble-look tile with sparse but thick gray veining

A popular marble look of late features thick but sparse veining that almost appears to have been “zoomed in,” creating an unbusy yet powerful statement look.

White marble-look tile with abundant gray veining

Here’s a white and gray marble look with much heavier veining. Veining this abundant and dreamy refuses to fade into the background.

Off-white tile with sparse, fragmented veining

Our last white look has thin lines that splinter across the tile surface (akin to veining). It looks as if the stone has been cracked and Kintsugi’d back together with gold, creating a look that’s simultaneously striking, luxurious, and minimalist.

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Black Statement Stones

Black marble-look tile with sharp white veining

While white marble is the most popular statement stone look, other options rival its elegance. Black marble, for example, makes for a design that’s both bold and surprisingly tranquil.

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Colorful Marble Moments

Looking to add a little more color? Porcelain stone looks offer colorful options and seemingly limitless variety.

White marble-look tile with thick veining in black, green, and deep rose

For example, this creamy marble look features meandering black veins interspersed with rose and green tones. The tile’s glossy polish only emphasizes the beautiful contrasting colors.

White and brown marble-look tile floor 

Abundant veining in shades of brown and honey swirl across this flooring to add warmth and richness to the space.

White marble-look tile with abundant veining in black and rust

Chaotic veining ranging from black to copper give this homeowner something to muse on while soaking in the tub.

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White and Gray Granite

White granite-look tile with gray veining

Statement stone looks aren’t limited to marble. Just take this white granite-look tile with blue-gray veining for example. It gives us the impression of a moonscape or densely populated stars — definitely an out-of-this-world look!

Colorful Granite

White granite-look tile with multicolor veining

As with marble, granite looks also come in rich colors. For example, this living room tile bursts with veining in shades of white, gray, brown, and red. They’re also offered in various finishes, like honed or lapped, creating not only a visual statement, but a tactile experience as well.

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Book-Matched Stone

One of the alluring features of stone looks is the organic, often chaotic direction and designs of their veining. An effective way to showcase these gorgeous patterns while adding symmetry to the overall design is to book-match the panels. That is, to lay them so that they mirror each other.

The resulting symmetry gives the eye a natural line to follow.

Book-matched tile tub surround

For example, book-matching these tile slabs with chocolatey diagonal veins gives the impression that you’re soaking at the base of a mountain. Your eye naturally follows the veining upward to the peak.

Book-matched blue-gray quartzite-look tile 

Book-matching this quartzite-look tile — with its mix of blue, white, and orange tones — creates a verifiable work of art.

Book-matched tile panels with a fractured stone-look design

This design — which is an agglomeration of different stone looks — creates a kaleidoscopic effect when book-matched above the fireplace.

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Make a Statement With Stone Looks

Talk about making an impression! We can’t think of any better way to pack your home with personality and splendor.

We have two 2023 tile trends left to highlight, so be sure to check back next week for more inspiration.

Are you part of the tile and stone industry? Come see these and more stone looks on display at Coverings 2023 from April 18-21 in Orlando, Florida.

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