Tile Trends2 cm gauged porcelain tile pavers

Our countdown to Coverings continues with another 2023 tile trend.

This week, we’re highlighting not a tile design, but a new type of tile: 2 cm gauged porcelain tile pavers.

Increasingly more tile collections are including 2 cm thick pavers to match their thinner indoor counterparts, allowing for indoor-outdoor transitions with stylistic continuity. Connecting the interior and exterior living spaces this way blurs the line between the built environment and nature and encourages us to make better use of available space.

To further blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces, we often see tile pavers in biophilic designs and natural looks. These are just a few of our favorites.

Warm Stone Looks

Rectangular stone-look tile in beige that extends from the living area to the outdoor patio, installed in a staggered pattern

Where better to start than the quintessential natural look: stone-look pavers. As these examples illustrate, warm stone looks are equally at home in your living room and your patio.

Keep in mind that warm stone looks work beautifully in contemporary aesthetics by pairing them with modern furniture (as in the photo above) or take on a more rustic look by pairing them with other natural designs (as in the photo below).

Square stone-look tile featuring an offset pattern, installed in an outdoor patio and around a firepit

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Cool Stone Looks

Rectangle tile grid of coordinating stone-look tile and pavers that extends from the bathroom to the patio

Gray stone-looks are a great option if you want a classic natural look with a cooler vibe.

Imagine a master bathroom oasis that extends to an outdoor nook so you can, say, dry off post-bath in the sun. Or, a poolside retreat with every surface wrapped in the same gorgeous stone look.

Pro tip: Porcelain tile pavers feature the same water resistance as their thinner porcelain counterparts, so you can install them everywhere from your bathroom to your pool deck.

Pool surround with stone-look porcelain pavers and coordinating panels on the wall

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Terrazzo Looks

White and gray terrazzo-look tile pavers in a spacious outdoor patio

Terrazzo is both a popular look for tile pavers and an element of another 2023 tile trend, cobbled tile. This versatile style is capable of looking both natural and hyper modern, depending on its colors and scale.

Coordinating white terrazzo-look tile in the dining area (see the patio photo above for a look at the outdoor space)

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Wood Looks

Wood-look porcelain planks continued from the interior to a pool and patio space

If your goal is to create a natural but classic look, wood-look tile pavers and 2 cm planks are great options.

While we tend to associate wood looks with the interior parts of the home, the durability and water resistance of porcelain allows you to continue this classic look seamlessly to outdoor living spaces. This continuity ties different areas of the home together for a cohesive, flowing design.

Wood-look porcelain planks continued onto a balcony
Wood-look porcelain pavers create an outdoor dining space

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Cement Looks

Washed-out cement-look tile inside with the same look in pavers outside join indoor and outdoor dining areas

Here’s another option that incorporates two 2023 tile trends: indoor/outdoor continuity and cement looks. With this combination, urban energy flows uninterrupted from one living space to another.

Warm greige cement-look tile that transitions from a bedroom to an outdoor living space

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Continuing Patterns from Indoors to Out

Commercial courtyard with gauged tile pavers laid in a continuous pattern

Create a one-of-a-kind look by incorporating different patternsshapes and colors into your tile layout. This can not only be decorative, but it can also be effective in helping the flow of traffic and delineating — or in this case joining — different zones of a space.

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Tile Pavers, Spaced and Together

Porcelain paver walkways extending from a paver patio

Because of their thickness and durability, porcelain pavers can be installed directly onto outdoor surfaces such as grass, gravel, or sand without the use of grout or adhesives. You can use tile pavers to create walkways (or other unique designs) as extensions of a larger area in your yard. Uniformly spaced pavers (like the ones shown above) make for a neat, contemporary look.

And the best part is, if you ever want to change the layout or design, you can easily move your pavers!

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Pave Your Way With Matching Tiles

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We still have three 2023 tile trends left to share before Coverings in April. So, be sure to revisit our blog — same time next week.

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