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May 8, 2023

The backsplash is the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen design. Backsplashes add color, texture, interest, and pattern to the kitchen, and are considered the most decorative part of the design. 

The backsplash can be designed in any material, color, shape, or style, but one of the most dramatic looks you can achieve is with stacked stone. Stacked stone backsplashes have a character and beauty lacking in other materials. That is because no two pieces of natural stone are the same. 

Stacked stone panels make the installation of this material easy. Use them sparingly or make a splash and create an accent wall in your kitchen. As you will see in the following seven kitchen backsplash designs, stacked stone can be used to create a range of different effects. 

Stacked Stone Kitchen Backsplash 1

Chiseled Silver Alabaster Panels 

1. Three Dimensional Design

Backsplashes do not need to be flat, bland, or fade into the background. This backsplash stands out and gets noticed by framing not only the stove but the hood area, as well. The chiseled stacked stone backsplash panels add a lot of texture and interest to the room. Confined to this one area, they do not overpower the space, so they can get more attention. 


Stacked Stone Kitchen Backsplash 2

White Birch Honed Panels 

2. Sleek, Contemporary Design

Natural stone does not have to be rustic or traditional in style. These sleek, stacked stone panels make a backsplash that is geometric and contemporary. The muted color of the stone pairs well with the dimensions of the stone pieces, letting shadows create an interesting pattern while the clean lines mimic those of the cabinetry. 


Stacked Stone Kitchen Backsplash 3

Venato Dimensional Portugal Tiles 

3. Monochromatic Design 

You do not need to introduce a new color into your kitchen to make a stunning statement. Monochromatic designs like this one can be just as effective at creating the look you are after. The light color of the stone blends with the other colors in the space, which puts the emphasis on the texture, instead. Stacked stone comes in many styles, and the texture of the stone on this backsplash helps create a very subtle focal point in the room. 

Stacked Stone Kitchen Backsplash 4

Carbon Honed Panels 

4. Accent Wall

Not every kitchen has a wall of cabinetry that dominates the space. Floating shelves are becoming an increasingly popular way to design the room. For that reason, it often makes more sense to use your backsplash as an accent wall that can draw the eye. 

In this case, the stacked stone has been used in a color that contrasts with the rest of the room. The result is not only a backdrop for the shelving, but also a dynamic way to liven up the room’s design. Contrast is an amazingly effective way of making designs pop, so the addition of this backsplash turns the kitchen from bland to bold. 

Stacked Stone Kitchen Backsplash 5

White Birch Honed Panels 

  1. Thinking Outside the Area

One of the ways that stacked stone can be so pleasing to the eye is the repetition of the lines between the stones. Those lines can mimic others in the room, such as the cabinetry. 

In this room, they not only draw the eye along the backsplash horizontally, but they are also used to cover the column beside the cabinets. The stone wrapping the column in clean, horizontal lines makes it a sculptural addition to the design and makes an otherwise ordinary kitchen into something truly special. 


Stacked Stone Kitchen Backsplash 6

Sierra Shadowstone Panels 

  1. Adding Warmth to the Room

Most kitchens have a backsplash area that measures 18-inches in height. This does not always have to be so, however. The area behind the range can often be raised to the height of the hood, allowing you to show off the space with color, texture, or pattern. 

In this kitchen, the area is filled with a warm, textured stacked stone. The color and surface of the stone are the ideal complement to the rest of the room. They also contrast the color of the island subtly, which keeps the room from becoming monochromatic and adds to the welcoming atmosphere of the space. 

Silver Alabaster Shadowstone Panels 

  1. Subtle Contrast

Contrast adds a lot to a design, but you do not need to go overboard to get the effect. Sometimes, a subtle contrast is all that is necessary, especially in small kitchens or in spaces that use a few varied materials near one another. 

This space has a unique countertop paired with white cabinets. So, a stacked stone backsplash that has a color that coordinates with the cabinets, but a texture that contrasts the sleek counter, can add just the right finishing touch. The result is a room with interest and design without a cluttered look. 

Create the Ideal Kitchen Backsplash Design for Your Home 

You want your kitchen design to be as unique as you are. With stacked stone, you can create a backsplash that has personality and interest as well as style. Use these seven stacked stone backsplash design ideas to get started and create a design that will complement your space perfectly. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

  1. What is a stone backsplash kitchen? A stone backsplash kitchen is a design element where natural stone is used as a protective and decorative covering on the wall behind the stove and sink area. It adds texture, color, and interest to the kitchen. 
  1. Why choose a stacked stone kitchen backsplash? A stacked stone kitchen backsplash is a popular choice due to its unique texture, beauty, and character. Stacked stone is made of natural stones that are layered on top of each other, creating a one-of-a-kind look. It is also easy to install using stacked stone panels. 
  1. What are the different ways to use stacked stone for a kitchen backsplash? There are many ways to use stacked stone for a kitchen backsplash design. It can be used to create a three-dimensional effect, a sleek and contemporary design, a monochromatic design, an accent wall, a sculptural addition to the design, a way to add warmth to the room, or a subtle contrast to the space. 
  1. What are the benefits of using a white stone backsplash in the kitchen? A white stone backsplash can brighten up a kitchen and make it look more spacious. It is also versatile and can complement any color scheme or style. Additionally, white stone backsplashes are easy to clean and maintain. 
  1. Can I install a stacked stone backsplash in my kitchen myself? While it is possible to install a stacked stone backsplash kitchen yourself if you have experience with DIY projects and the right tools, If you are not comfortable with DIY installation, it recommended to hire a professional installer to ensure a high-quality and long-lasting installation. A professional can also help you choose the right stacked stone backsplash for your kitchen design.