The Hottest Design Trends From Milan Design Week 2024

The Hottest Design Trends From Milan Design Week 2024

Jun 13, 2024, from Ceramic Central Newsletter

This spring, we were fortunate to visit the design mecca of the world for Milan Design Week 2024! From the vast fairgrounds of Salone del Mobile to the vibrant streets of the Brera District, we immersed ourselves in the latest design trends and styles unveiled throughout MDW.

The exhibits we saw in Milan were a true reflection of the innovative spirit and boundless creativity of the global design and fashion community. From established iconic brands to up-and-coming visionaries, each showcase offered a glimpse into the future of design. Collaborations between industry leaders sparked new ideas and pushed the boundaries of traditional design concepts.

As we wandered through the exhibits, we couldn’t help but notice the key trends emerging. Our experience at Milan Design Week was truly transformative, leaving us brimming with excitement for the endless possibilities and innovations that lie ahead in the world of design.


Noteworthy Exhibits

Milan Design Week 2024 presented a diverse array of captivating exhibits that left a lasting impact on our team. Throughout the city, brands unveiled their innovative concepts, and a few in particular stood out to us.

With innovative designs at the Salone del Mobile fairgrounds such as a sink and bathtub crafted from spheres to exquisite lighting fixtures, creativity was abound. The presence of animals was a recurring theme throughout the show, seamlessly integrated into dimensional surfaces, sculptures, wallpaper, and even chandeliers, adding a whimsical flair.

In the Brera District, we were impressed by Nerosicilia’s ReDesign Tower, which was created as an example of how art and design can intersect with the principles of sustainability. The tower was envisioned by designer Leonardo Talarico as the epitome of an “ideal skyscraper.” It seamlessly integrated 400 stunning works of tile art crafted by nerolabstudio.

We marveled at exquisite plumbing fixtures resembling delicate branches, where water cascaded gracefully from each branch. Sicis wowed us with their mesmerizing mosaics and distinctive pieces, while Salvatori stole the spotlight as a definite crowd-pleaser with new textures and finishes, luxurious lighting, and more.


Hermès History Lesson

Hermès seamlessly fused the essence of bygone eras with modern flair in their innovative showcase at Milan Design Week. The renowned luxury brand celebrated the enduring appeal of their collections through a truly unique exhibition, highlighting the timeless elegance that defines their creations.

Their aim was to ground you in the present while offering a transcendent experience beyond time. Through a breathtaking display of floor patterns inspired by ancient traditions, they curated a patchwork of compositions using raw materials sourced from across Italy, fostering a harmonious conversation between heritage and progress.

The designers carefully curated pieces from their archives that not only reflected their current creations but also showcased the timeless connection between past and present. From the juxtaposition of iconic silk jockey’s jerseys with modern blankets, furniture, and decor, to a dinnerware collection featuring braided patterns next to a 1950s rope strap and a vintage cigarette case paired with a contemporary leather stool, the design continuity was unmistakable. These elements highlighted the enduring motifs of equestrian themes, chain links, quilting, and more, illustrating the brand’s commitment to maintaining its distinctive style over time.


Greens Galore: The Color Standout

Green was the color standout at Milan Design Week 2024. From lush emerald surfaces to verdant décor, green was everywhere, bringing a refreshing and vibrant touch to the designs.

Design creators embraced nature-inspired hues and incorporated various shades of green into their displays. The use of green not only added a pop of color but also evoked a sense of tranquility and harmony. Whether it was a statement piece or a subtle accent, green stole the show at MDW this year.

green salvatori stones

Stainless Steel Surfaces

Salvatori unveiled a stunning display of stainless steel surfaces at their Milan Design Week showroom, presenting a fresh and innovative look for the renowned brand. The unveiling of the “Small Hours” bathroom collection, designed by the talented Patricia Urquiola, showcased the bold use of metallic surfaces in a way that had not been explored before.

Gabriele Salvatori himself described the collection as a hallmark of daring creativity, emphasizing the unique choice to incorporate stainless steel into the designs. This material was specifically chosen not only for its sleek aesthetics but also for its practical benefits, such as low maintenance requirements and the striking contrast it creates when paired with marble elements.


Textural + Patchwork Stone

Textural and patchwork stone designs made a strong statement in Milan. Designers experimented with different types of stone and created captivating textures and patterns. From intricate textured stones to unique patchwork pieces, the use of this aesthetic succeeded in adding depth and visual interest.

The combination of different stone materials and textures created a sense of organic beauty and showcased the craftsmanship of the creators. We look forward to seeing more of this style as it will no doubt grow in popularity in the coming years.


Matte Pastel Fixtures + Finishes

Matte pastel fixtures and finishes were a popular trend we saw throughout the week. Brands embraced soft and muted pastel colors, specifically in regard to plumbing fixtures. These shades add a pop of color combined with a touch of subtlety.

From matte pastel hardware to sinks, the use of these colors created a calming and serene atmosphere. The matte finish not only accentuated the beauty of the pastel shades but also brought a modern twist.


Key Collaborations

Salone is a hub for design collaborations and this year did not disappoint. This year, some of the highlights were Alessi x PlayLab, Bottega Veneta x Cassina x Fondation Le Corbusier, Porsche x Vitra, and Kartell X Liberty.

The exhibit “Myth Makes Belief” by Alessi and PlayLab was a mesmerizing artistic installation that beautifully encapsulated the boundless creative energy of the imagination – a fundamental element of Alessi’s design philosophy – unfolding a poetic narrative. Set at an eighteenth-century palazzo, the fantastical exhibit showcased a captivating sculpture resembling a dragon egg, serving as a symbolic representation of the birth of creativity and imagination.

Bottega Veneta collaborated with Cassina and Fondation Le Corbusier on an exhibit highlighting the LC14 Tabouret Cabanon, a sleek stool designed by renowned architect Le Corbusier, symbolizing refined minimalistic design. Inspired by a weathered whiskey box discovered by Le Corbusier near his cabin in the Côte d’Azur, Bottega Veneta created exclusive tribute designs of the stool, crafted from their distinctive leatherwork. The vibrant hues provided a striking contrast against the charred wood finish of the stool, adding a touch of modern elegance to the installation.

Porsche wowed with the “Art of Dreams” exposition, presented in partnership with Vitra, a Swiss furniture company. The exhibit was held at a historic Milanese palace, where they unveiled three limited-edition chairs, upholstered with the same Pepita fabric used in Porsche’s sports cars. Originating in the 1960s, the Pepita pattern became a symbol of sophistication, with its small squares linked by diagonal stripes. This exciting partnership breathes new life into the timeless design, showcasing the seamless blend of automotive luxury and elegant furniture craftsmanship.

Kartell transformed their flagship store during Milan Design Week, teaming up with Liberty for a one-of-a-kind collaboration. The exhibit flawlessly integrated Kartell’s signature furniture pieces with Liberty’s vibrant fabrics, creating a mesmerizing display that seamlessly blended patterns, forms, and colors. The immersive experience transformed the store into a vibrant showcase where every detail worked together harmoniously to provide a truly unique sensory journey.


Stay in Style With Decorative Materials

Our journey to Milan sparked a wealth of fresh design ideas and inspiration. We are passionate about sharing the trends we discover during our travels and bringing these new looks back to our Colorado showrooms.

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