Will a Concrete Slab Leak cause Mold Damage to my Saltillo Tiles?


Question regarding mold/damage to Saltillo tile indoor flooring? We have had 2 slab leaks and continue to be told there is no damage to the floor, but my concern is for mold growth because I have 2 young children and a baby on the way. Is this true?


ANSWER - Assuming the Saltillo tiles are properly installed over the concrete slab that had the 2 leaks, and the it was clean category 1 water and not unsanitary water, the tiles should not be harmed.

Mold is a microbial growth that is ubiquitous, and as long is there isn't a food source or a environment that promotes mold growth then it will not perpetuate.   Concrete has a high pH which does not allow mold to grow unless there is some other superficial organic food source.

Sometimes if the tile is not installed correctly with the correct type of installation products, a water leak could result in some damages.


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