Why does my New Marble Floor make Creaking Sounds and is it a Defect?


I completely renovated my bathroom, taking down to the studs and sub floor. The contractor completed the tile work but the marble floor creaks and I'm worried it will damage the tiles as time passes. Do I have the right to tell them it needs to be fixed and have them cover the cost of the replacement marble tiles.


ANSWER - Since the marble was installed over a wood sub-floor, which I assume was plywood, the creaking or squeaky sound is probably due to the plywood not being attached properly.   The plywood itself between the layers could be loose or the plywood where it should be tightly attached to the floor joists might have gaps that allows movement and friction between the different materials that cause the squeaky sound.

The tile installer should have made sure that the plywood sub-floor was tightly fastened to the floor.  If there were loose layers or gaps at the floor joists, then the installer should have put in screws in those areas to tighten it down and prevent it from moving.

There is no standard regarding floors making a squeaking or creaking sound.  There are standards on how the floor should be fastened and constructed.   It isn't clear how your floor was constructed as there are different ways it could have been done.  The only way to determine whether there is a defect in how the floor was constructed is to remove some creaking tiles and look for the evidence.

Creaking floor might not lead to damages to the floor; it might just be annoying.   Or if the floor is moving a lot, then that movement could lead to damages to the marble.  There is no way to know for sure.


One thought on “Why does my New Marble Floor make Creaking Sounds and is it a Defect?

  1. Ann Poli says:

    I’ve contacted my contractor and ask him to fix the creaking, even I though he needs to remove tiles. Your right about the fact it being annoying. Thank you for your input and speedy response!!!

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