White bloom on Mexican Tile that got flooded


White Stains in Mexican Tile that got Flooded - I have a house filled with Mexican tile. Our guest toilet overflowed covering the floor with water and it was days before we discovered it. Now we have what I think is referred to as a white bloom on about 8 tiles that we cannot get off with just regular cleaning. Can you help me identify a solution that will remove the "bloom." Thank you


ANSWER - What you are describing may be the result of using a surface non-breathable sealer over your Mexican pavers. The moisture from the flood may have migrated through the grout joints, or else where, and then caused either an efflorescence condition (white salts) or a cloudy haze from the moisture condensation that is trapped.

Either way, you need to use a sealer stripper to remove the sealer and allow the tiles to thoroughly dry out. Afterwards clean the tiles and reseal them. If you know the type and brand of the sealer that was used on the tiles, then go to that manufacturer to find out which stripper to use. If you don't know the type or brand of sealer then find a sealer company with a stripper that removes most types of sealers. Test it out in an out of the way spot to make sure it works to your satisfaction before applying it to the affected tiles or the whole floor.

For a list of sealer manufacturers with links to their websites Cleaners and Sealers. Good Luck.

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